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'#Aftersex’ selfies set Instagram ablaze

Publish Date: 29 Mar 2014, 02:00 PM
Last Updated: 29 Mar 2014, 02:00 PM
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New Delhi: The trend of selfies has gone viral on the social media. Adding a very interesting bit to league, selfie lovers have now started posting their photographs on Instagram right after having sex.

'#Aftersex’ selfies sets Instagram ablaze
'#Aftersex’ selfies sets Instagram ablaze

Moments after having coitus, Instagram users are uploading their pictures on the website with ‘#aftersex’ as hashtag. Instagram has been flooded with approximately 3,000 such pictures, said media reports.

This trend represents all kinds of images ranging from fully-dressed to semi-nude photographs. While some users call it documentation of life, others see it as the side effects of Internet.

Instagram is Facebook Inc’s photo sharing subsidiary. Facebook Inc, the world's no 1 social networking website, bought Instagram for USD one billion in 2012.


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