New Delhi: Terming the much-hyped controversy over his age as a matter of integrity and honour, Army Chief VK Singh said that the issue has not affected his self-confidence and he is ready to fight the battle.

“The issue has always been the matter of integrity and honour. It will not affect the image of the Army till the matter is taken in a straight forward manner,” the Army Chief said while addressing a press conference marking the 64th Army Day here on Thursday.

When asked about whether he will address the Army Day next year, he denied commenting on it. Notably, the Army Chief addresses the media every year before the Army Day.

Meanwhile, Home Minister P Chidambaram termed the matter unfortunate and expressed hope for early solution in this regard.

Gen Singh had two sets of dates in the official records May 10, 1950 and May 10, 1951, leading to the controversy.
According to the Army Chief May 10, 1951 should be treated as his actual date of birth as it was mentioned in his matriculation certificate but the Defence Ministry has rejected it as May 10, 1950 is the date entered in his UPSC entrance form.
As per the government decision, he will retire on May 31 this year.

When asked whether the media reporting was affecting the image of the Army, he replied, "It is a matter again on the spin you want to give. If you look at the facts straight and forward, I don't think it is affecting the image of army”, adding “The issue is purely personal and I will resolve it at my level. It will not hamper the working of my organisation.”

He also expressed the urgent need of a proper system which will tackle such issue and ensure such thing does not happen in future.