Noida: In talks with an agent to get your child admitted to a good engineering or management college? Beware.  With the ever growing cut-throat competiton in the field of education, its not only the parents-students who are dreaming to make it big but agents as well who are raking in the moolah by duping the dreamy-eyed ambitous parents and students.

Four cases of frauds have already been reported in the JSS Academy of Technical Education, Sector 62, Noida. Chief Administrative Officer BK Gupta informed, “The institute has no provision of admissions through the management quota as it has already handed over its quota seats to the university.”

He warned, “Parents must beware of being lured of admissions of their wards in the name of management quota.”

The college has displayed posters outside the campus to warn against such miscreants who can fool them to get admissions in the name of ‘paid’ seats.  But in spite of these warnings, four cases have already been reported.

The agents fooled the parents to the tune of Rs 75,000and handed over fake recipts to them. When they approached the college for admissions, they were denied any registration in their name for admissions.

A case of Kanika Rastogi and Sikander Pathan has come to light. The agent sent them a text message on mobile before handing them fake recipts. The guardians handed over demand drafts worth Rs 2 lakh to the agent and were provided fake reciepts for the payment.

Gupta said, “The agent told his name was Om Praksh Khandelwal and gave his mobile number and vehicle number too.”

Later on, he said that he can be of no help in this regard  as the admissions have been provided on the basis of merit of UPSC Entrance Exam and advised the guardians to file an FIR.