New Delhi: Ahead of Anna Hazare's fast from Tuesday to demand a 'strong' Lokpal, Team Anna on Monday said it was not aligned with anyone in particular and that it was only fighting to achieve an "independent" and "non-partisan" CBI.

Team Anna member Kiran Bedi said a solution in this regard should emerge from the debate in Parliament on the Lokpal Bill in the coming days.

"We are aligned with no one in particular but support anyone or any force that wants a corruption-free country. And to achieve that we need an independent, non-partisan CBI," she said.

The former IPS officer also said the Team wanted a CBI which cannot be "manipulated" by politicians.

Her comments come on the eve of Hazare's three-day fast in Mumbai beginning from Tuesday demanding a strong Lokpal.

Bedi alleged that for years, the CBI has been "under the cover (of politicians)" and "politically manipulated" by parties.

"Since the problem is known, solution should be given on it and that is what should be done on December 27," she said.