Agra: The samples sent by the police failed to reach the forensic laboratory, even after 48 hours of the blast at the Jay Hospital here that left 6 people dead and many seriously injured.

The only forensic lab, which is situated here, is still investigating the samples collected through cotton swab from the blast site. As of now, it has been declared that some local explosive substance was used to trigger the blast.

The team headed by Forensic laboratory’s Deputy Director Explosive, Santosh Kumar, had collected the samples from the site. However, the next day being Sunday the lab was closed. Since the DGP and DG had to visit the city, the primary chemical tests were conducted in a hush-push situation. On that basis, the police had declared that some local explosive was used in the blast.

On Sunday, after the NSG and NIA teams had completed their investigations, Agra’s field unit took the samples from the site but has so far failed to submit the samples for examination. 

Meanwhile, the reward money for giving any exclusive clue related to the blast has been increased from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Question here arises if the blast was a normal one and had no terror connections, then why the reward money has been increased?

(JPN/ Bureau)