New Delhi: Those working in agri business, social sector and energy fields, are up for good news as companies in these sectors are gearing up a massive salary hikes in the range of 25-40 per cent across all levels, thanks to phenomenal growth in these areas.
“Agri business, social sector and energy are growing sectors and in current scenario, each sector is hiring 20-25 per cent more people as compared to last year. These are the upcoming and hot sectors in India,” Global hunt, an executive search firm, Director Sunil Goel said.

The growth in these sectors was because most of the existing companies are diversifying in one of these sectors besides global MNCs are also foraying in these sectors in India.

“Compensation and salary hikes are decent in these sectors. Though professionals were not highly paid in these sectors five years back, the demand has surged now. Salary hike in these sectors varies from 25-40 per cent across all levels,” Goel added.

In the agri business space there is lot of movement in domains like agrochemicals, fertilizers, plant treatment, hybrid seeds production, soil treatment and also in agri business equipments.

“Agri business is a significant sector in the country but it had very old methodology of selling product and services. Now, this sector is getting lot of focus to do business through modern trade where target audience is based at rural and semi urban areas,” Goel said.

Meanwhile, in the social sector many international NGOs and UN agencies are setting up their base in India; corporate have stepped up their hiring activities for CSR divisions and Foundations, for promoting their product to rural audience.

Besides this, huge funds are coming up for Public Private Partnership projects to uplift health, education, poverty and other areas.

The other upcoming sector is energy, which works as a lifeline for development of any country. In the energy sector, thermal, hydro and nuclear are expected to create a lot of excitement and action in India.

In each of the aforementioned sector, positions are coming for all across the level -- from leadership to junior levels.