New Delhi: In order to help achieve new heights in agriculture sector, there will be increased focus on increasing the budget of Research and Development (R&D). Budget for R&D is expected to be doubled in the coming budget. There will be additional encouragement for green revolution, horticulture, animal husbandary and dairy development in the coming budget. 

7 eastern state governments have successfully handled the responsibility of green revolution which has been given by centre. With the support from centre, farmers have achieved exemplary results for production. There may be announcements to tap the agricultural potential of eastern states. To promote green revolution, incentives to farmers from eastern states may be announced.  

To expedite the stagnant agriculture growth rate, priorities to horticulture, animal husbandry, dairy development, and poultry will be given.  There will be special endeavour to increase dairy production by reducing the gap between demand and supply of fodder.

Underground water levels are being hugely affected by the unbalanced use of fertilizers and is disturbing quantum of agricultural production in many states. Climatic changes are also affecting agricultural production. Government has focused on such issues and will try to deal with it in the coming budget. In last few years, mobile soil testing laboratories have been popular among farmers. For the usage of balanced fertilizers, more emphasis will be given on scientific post harvesting.

There will be special provisions to get rid of imported pulses in the budget. With the experimentation of 60,000 pulse villages, production has grown upto 1.80 crore tones.  With changing lifestyles of consumers, demand for cereals has increased. To increase its production, incentives may be announced for the farmers of non-irrigated lands by the Finance Minister.