Tehran: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will unveil "some nuclear achievements" on Wednesday, according to an announcement on Iran's presidential website."In the presence of the president, some new and worthwhile achievements of the country's nuclear scientists in the field of atomic energy will be unveiled". "The disclosure of these achievements will display the extraordinary capability of Iranian young scientists and their nuclear knowledge to the world," it added. The projects will show Iran's adherence to the slogan of "nuclear energy for all and nuclear weapons for none".

On Saturday, Ahmadinejad said Iran would announce new "big" nuclear achievements in days.

Addressing a large crowd of people gathered at Tehran's Azadi Square on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution, the Iranian president said: "In the following days, the world will witness the inauguration of several big achievements in nuclear fields."On Sunday, an informed source said that Fordo nuclear enrichment facility will become fully operational over the next few days.

The start of the nuke work at the Fordo site has increased international fear as the West suspects that Iran's uranium enrichment may be meant for moving closer to the ability to make nuclear weapons.

Iran, however, insists that its nuclear programme is only for the purpose of peaceful use.