Refusing to go into details of what will be the party's strategy in case it is not able to come back to power, he says that in such a situation the Congress President will take a decision in consultation with the Working Committee.
"We are confident of getting absolute majority with our allies. Why should we support a Third Front when we are getting our majority. It is a hypothetical question. As the campaign enters its last leg, we are getting confident of scoring the third straight victory over BJP.
"The feedback we have been getting from the ground is very encouraging and suggests that people have seen through BJP's deception game," Patel said.
Dismissing as "false and hype" the talk of a Modi wave, Patel said the BJP is "destined" to sit in the Opposition.
Asked whether Congress is ready to lend support from outside any alliance to stop Modi from coming to power, Political Secretary to Sonia Gandhi, Patel, said, "That question does not arise. But in any circumstance, the final decision will be taken by the Congress president in consultation with the Congress Working Committee. But I am sure that the situation will not arise."
"Where does this question arise when I am saying that our party is very confident that it will be a Congress-led UPA-III government. We will cross the magic figure of 272 and form government.
"It is a hypothetical question. With full confidence, I would like to say that we will get the numbers".

However, Patel conceded that there was a "little bit of disappointment" among the people due to anti-incumbency arising out of ten years in power.
He scotched speculation that there was difference of opinion in the Congress on the shape of the next government.


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