New Delhi: Finally, the stranded passengers of Air India, who were on board the Delhi-bound Air India flight coming from Abu Dhabi that had made an emergency landing in Pakistan reached to New Delhi safely. But if the credit has to be given then all thanks should be given to Pakistani authorities.

Despite differences between India and Pakistan, the help offered by Pakistani authorities in the time of exigency is really commendable. But the incident also has revealed the loopholes of Air India management authorities. Civil Aviation Minister Ajit singh will submit his report to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday in this regard.

According to the sources, the relief aircraft which was dispatched to Pakistan at around 12 pm to bring back the stranded passengers and also to repair the aircraft which landed in the country next door to us, Pakistan, in emergency situation was not carrying the money for the refueling and the shell card which is an authorized card with which aircraft fuel could be purchased.

When Pakistan authorities came to know about the carelessness of the Air India management, Pakistan International Airlines again came to rescue the AI people. It not only paid money for the fuel but also responded quickly to the problem. In no time Pakistan authorities had taken decision to give breather to the stranded passengers. Indian High commission had given the guarantee for the fuel. Amidst this situation, foreign ministry and aviation ministry both were in contact with the Pakistan officials.

Pakistani authorities had offered to allow the passengers to disembark and use the Nawabshah airport's lounges but the captain preferred to have them remain on board, officials said. The captain asked for drinking water and this was supplied to the aircraft. Moreover, Pakistan was even agreed to provide transit visa to stranded passengers if needed. Six crew members and 122 passengers were on board.

Aircraft AI-940 coming from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi allegedly made emergency landing due to failure of hydraulic system at Nawabshah Airport of Sindh province of Pakistan. Later, it was said that it was electronic system which had given false alarm; the hydraulic system was working properly.


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