Varun, who will be next seen in revenge drama 'Badlapur', said by now the issue should have died down.
"My request to the media is let's not discuss it anymore because there are so many more important things happening and let's not give those people more importance. It is a very small subject.
"There are so many important things in the country. Discuss the rapes, discuss the corruption, discuss the other things that are happening," the 27-year-old actor said here during the promotion of 'Badlapur' in the capital.
The actor said he knows the people involved with the roast personally and their lives have become terrible after the incident despite pulling down of the video from YouTube.
"The video came down because they got worried that this will land them in jail. They feared that. I know this because I know the people involved with this. What's happening with them is now terrible. They got police protection, that is why we are trying not to discuss it anymore. It is a dead issue," he said.

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