The ASOP India is an Australian government initiative implemented by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) with a commitment of AUD 5 million over five years (2009-14).

The ASOP program is implemented through strategic partnerships created with selected organizations for their notable impact on Indian sport and connection with grassroots. ASOP partners receive ASC funds to deliver budgeted, annual work plans, based on mutually agreed goals and objectives.

The agreement includes financial, administrative and technical support (from FFA) in the form of capacity building within the State Associations currently involved in the Grassroots Programme, Grassroots Courses and Grassroots Festivals, among many such activities.

"I'm sure FFA's technical inputs will serve AIFF's Grassroots Programme in a long way. The involvement and support of the Australian government to strengthen the grassroots and developing players for the future has been appreciated by all. I thank FFA for the initiative and look forward to working with them," said Praful Patel, president of AIFF.

The AIFF Grassroots Programme is designed for kids (boys and girls) between 6 to 12 years of age. It is primarily driven through the State Football Associations and incorporates all stakeholders such as clubs (amateur and professional), schools and community football initiators.


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