The primary purpose of the facility at AIIMS JPNA Trauma Center is training of undergraduate medical students, postgraduate students, and surgeons from across the country and abroad which will enable them to practise surgical skills on dead bodies and improve their dissection techniques.

The cadaveric dissection facility will offer hands-on training to several young practising surgeons through regular structured fellowship programmes, an official statement from the hospital said, claiming that there is no such facility existing in the country as of now.

The doctors can practice their surgical skills on dead bodies and improve their surgical dissection techniques, before they attempt to perform any surgical procedure on a live patient, it said.

The dead bodies required for dissections will be unclaimed and unknown and there is an agreement with the Delhi Police for supplying the bodies (under the Delhi Act 1956) for the purpose of teaching and research for the undergraduate and postgraduate surgical students, the statement said.

After the procedure, the bodies will be duly taken care of and cremated by the police, it added.

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