New Delhi: In a bid to provide prompt medical assistance from experts to the victims of road accidents, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has decided to begin a new super specialty trauma course.

MC Misra, Chief of Trauma Centre, has written a letter urging the AIIMS administration to start a super specialty course. However, the matter is pending with the academic department of AIIMS for consideration.

Misra said, “The government has decided to open more than 250 trauma care centers across the nation. In such condition, trained doctors would be needed. We have doctors who are specialist in specific areas only, which does not serve our purpose.”

“Therefore, we need a team of doctors who have especially studied the course on trauma care and would be able to treat a patient completely,” he added.

Misra informed that degrees like MS and MCH would be conferred to such students who undertake this super-specialty course.