Doctors said Martha Susan Kabura who is suffering from a serious neurological disease called Neurofibroma and she also has multiple tumours in the nervous system.

Kabura along with her sister Njoroje arrived in Delhi on July 9 anhd since had been battling or a bed in AIIMS.

The sisters were forced to come to the city after doctors back home could not treat her condition. They however, referred her to AIIMS and even got an appointment fixed with doctors here, which unfortunately never materialised.

"There is a waiting period of about six months for admissions in the neurosurgery department. But because the patient's condition was serious, we decided to admit her at the earliest possible. She may have to undergo surgery in the next few days," said a senior doctor.

Kabura's sister Beth Njoroje said she was relieved. "I hope my sister gets well soon. Had she not been admitted her condition would have deteriorated," Njoroje said.

AIIMS, which is one of India's premier research and educational institute, has around 2,200 beds and serves over 9,000 patients every day.


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