Kolkata: In a major jolt to Air India, a consumer forum has asked the national carrier to pay over Rs 1 lakh as compensation to passenger for its callous services.

A New Delhi Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum directed Air India to pay Rs 95,000 to passenger within 30 days. Of the total compensation, the tribunal imposed Rs 25,000 and Rs 10,000 as punitive damage on the airline staffs posted at the Delhi airport and Dum Dum Airport in Kolkata respectively.

The order came on a complaint by a retired IAS officer and Additional Chief Secretary in the West Bengal government PK Agarwal.

He had alleged that on March 11, 2011 he traveled to Kolkata from Delhi. He encountered a delay of 40 minutes in getting the boarding pass due to inexperienced staffs. He also claimed that the pass was wrongly marked due to which he was not allowed to board the flight. After this, the plane was delayed by 45 minutes due to some technical problem. According to Agarwal, when he reached Kolkata, his luggage was untraceable and there were no staff at the arrival desk to help him.

The luggage was delivered to Agarwal on March 15 after a complaint was made to the MD & Chairman, Air India.