New Delhi: Air India (AI) on Tuesday operated 216 domestic flights and registered 80 percent ticket bookings through its promotional scheme offering low rates to make up for the 10-day pilot strike.

Overall, the national carrier operated 460 flights on Tuesday- the balance on the international sector, which was not affected by the strike.

“We are operating 216 flights on Tuesday on our domestic routes, while on an average day our schedule is 225 flights. The remaining flights would also become operational very soon,' an Air India official with the operations arm said.

AI is using Airbus A320 family aircraft and propeller-driven ATR aircraft with seat utilisation of 70 percent on the major trunk routes connecting the four metros.

According to the official, the airline has managed to register 80 percent ticket bookings through its reduced fares promotional scheme.

“Through this offer we have got 80 percent ticket bookings. This offer provides passengers 50 percent reduced prices on our domestic routes,” the official said.

The scheme, which runs till Thursday, will be followed by another low-fare offer under which passengers will be given a 20 percent discount.

“Our plan is to increase ticket sales revenue and make up for the lost time we had to endure during the peak summer travel season,” the official said.

The airline had notified people about the scheme through various advertisements.

According to some aviation experts, the lower fares would not have any adverse effect on private airlines, as they are already offering competitive fares to passengers.