The average ozone level crossed 300 percent in Delhi’s Mandir Marg area in just one week, which is very high, compared to the standard ozone level.

The increased level of Ozone can be hazardous for the people so they should be extra cautious while going out.

Kids and old aged people need to be very careful in this hot weather.  People suffering from heart and asthma diseases should be most cautious.

A recent study done by scientists at Center for Science and Environment (CSE) on the ozone level, says that the air pollution in the national capital has increased to a worrying level.

CSE after analyzing the data provided by a committee of the Delhi Pollution Control Board from certain monitoring stations like RK Puram, Civil Line, Mandir Marg, Punjabi Bagh and IGI Airport, found that the average ground level ozone has increased considerably to a higher level mainly in summer season.

Source of CSE revealed that rise in ozone layer is because of increasing numbers of vehicles in the city. The toxic gases namely, nitrogen oxide and other poisonous gases emitted from these vehicles are responsible for the higher level of harmful ozone gases.

The temperature of Delhi was recorded 33 degree Celsius on June 1, while it reached to 44 degree Celsius on June 6.

With this soaring temperature the ground level of ozone has also increased at certain places of the national capital. It was recorded 87 percent in Civil Lines, 171 percent in Punjabi Bagh, 315 percent in Mandir Marg and 82 percent in IGI Airport comparatively higher than the standard level.


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