Gwalior: Due to the training sessions of Indian Air Force, the Air Taxi service, which was first introduced in the country by the Madhya Pradesh government, is facing difficulties in reaching Gwalior.

Out of 10 days, the Air Taxis have reached Gwalior only on three days, subsequently giving birth to questions related to its management.

With the purpose of providing air connectivity between major cities, the state Tourism Development Corporation had contacted the Ventura Air Connect Private Limited. After flying efficiently for the first day, the service started facing problems to reach Gwalior from the second day. Since then, the service has been disrupted on several days.

As a matter fact, the runway used for the Air Taxi in Gwalior primarily belongs to the Air Force. The landing and departure time of the Air Taxi clashes with the time of practice session of the Air Force, more than often permission is denied to civil aircrafts. On few occasions, even though the passengers were onboard, the Air Traffic Control of Gwalior did not grant permission to Bhopal to fly the plane.

It is expected that after September 21 there would be an improvement in the scenario and training session of Air Force would not act as a hindrance.

However, experts hold a different opinion as they believe that Air Force can hold training session at any time and have the authority to cancel any domestic flight. 

In the given situation when the Air Taxi is facing problem in coming to Gwalior, the future of the service from Gwalior to Indore and Jabalpur also looks bleak.

(JPN/ Bureau)