New Delhi: The airline companies are soon going to provide a special code for all the air travelers to tighten security at airports. The move will also stop the persons who enter the airport premises using fake e-tickets.

Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has devised a roadmap of this plan. Under which airline companies will send SMSs to the travelers, mentioning all the details in the form of bar code.

A top BCAS official told this system will not only enhance the security of country’s major airports but also check the entry of fake e-ticket holders into the airport premises. The SMS bar code reader machines will be linked with server of airlines, added the BCAS official.

Reader machines will be installed at the entrance gates, check-in-counters and boarding gates to get the information about the travelers. The machines will tell if the travelers have valid e-tickets. Following which, the travelers will be allowed to board the flight.

All the security agencies including immigration, CISF, DIAL security will be able to get the information about the travelers. In case of need, security agencies will take required action.


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