In 1990, Hussain invaded Kuwait. The Iraqi Army took over the city within a few hours. Kuwait, at that time, was home to almost 170,000 Indians, and people had suddenly become penniless and homeless.
"Airlift" is a heroic story of Ranjit Katyal (played by Akshay Kumar), a wealthy and powerful Indian businessman. With the help of the Indian government, he safely evacuated 170,000 of his countrymen, helping them get back home.
"I think entire family should go and see this film, and this episode should be in textbooks. When we talk about history they don't mention this, as there was a big political reason behind it. That time we were close to Saddam and we wanted to keep low profile, and so all these things were
hidden," Akshay said in a media interaction here.
"I think this piece of history has to be in the textbooks. Its a very big thing what India did... They did something which was unbelievable. Even commercial pilots went in the war zone and brought people back," he added.

When the "Special 26" star first heard about the incident, he was surprised. "This is a real story. This story was hidden from all of us. India did a big thing of bringing back 1,70,000 Indians and it is there in the World Guinness records... It is the biggest airlift evacuation done by any country," he said.


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