AirType, which is although a concept to let you type mid-air, comes with a pair cuff to be strapped around the palms, placing it above the thumbs and below the fingers, creating an imaginary keyboard in the user’s mind.

The company located in Austin, Texas has not yet revealed how the technology will work, but it will monitor the movement of fingers and figure out keys you intend to press. The company states that the technology is still in its preliminary stage. Speculation says that the ‘AirType device’ will connect to devices via Bluetooth or NFC as it will be a wireless tool.

AirType, which will function on the concept of recognize the keystrokes, will not just identify what we type but will also auto correct what one is typing.

The concept, however, with too little information about how the device will work does not make a clear picture of the product. The only way is to wait till it knocks the tech world.