New Delhi: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is now all set to join the bandwagon of Bollywood mothers. If the sources are to be believed, the actress is going to deliver her first baby on 11/11/11, coincidence of the same date, month and year which come once in a hundred years.


According to the insiders closer to the Bachchan family, the most waited baby Bachchan will be born at Mumbai’s seven-star hospital.

It is reported that overwhelmed Bachchan family has reserved a seven star suite in Seven-Hills hospital, which is situated in East Andheri, from10th to 15th November 2011. This super equipped childbirth ward or labour ward has been specially picked up for the Bachchan bahu Aishwarya.

According to sources, the Bachchan family wants her to deliver the baby on November 11 which is believed to be an auspicious date as the unusual combination of date month and year (11 matches) comes once in a hundred years. 

The hospital sources revealed that Ash might go through a special surgery to deliver the baby on that particular day. Though the doctor selected 14th November as the delivery date, Ash wants to bring her baby in the world on November 11.

Ash’s sister-in –law, Shrima gave birth to a baby boy in last year at the same hospital and she advised Bachchan bahu to select Seven Hill hospital.

Sources claims that super exclusive arrangements have been made for Aishwarya and even a special suite has been made by hospital administration for this would-be-mom. The hospital administration is trying its best to keep away media to maintain the privacy of the Bachchan family.