Mumbai: Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan thanked her fans for good wishes on the couple’s fourth wedding anniversary through Abhishek’s Twitter account.

The couple celebrated their anniversary on Thursday and Abhishek managed to get his gorgeous wife on Twitter for an hour's time to chat with her fans. Aishwarya, interestingly, does not have an account on the social networking website.

"Thank you all for the wonderful anniversary wishes. Will get Aishwarya to chat with you all this evening. Much love again," Abhishek wrote.

Aishwarya was overwhelmed as the wishes from the fans poured in.

"Hello everyone...and thank you all so much for all your love and wishes 4 us on our special day. Truly overwhelmed. Love aishwarya (sic)," the actress tweeted.

The actress did not say much but responded to most of the tweets addressed to her with thanks.

"It's been super chatting even though short... But now gotta sign off. It's a special day remember? Much love and thank you once again," Aishwarya tweeted.