Director: Sachin Kundalka

Cast: Rani Mukerji, Prithviraj

Jagran Rating:  (Disappointing)

Story Line: Anurag Kashyap and Sachin Kundalkar’s masala movie Aiyyaa is about Marathi mulgi Rani Mukerji’s hunt for her dream man. The story revolves around a middle-class Maharashtrian girl, Meenakshi Deshpande who is melodramatic and dreamer. Though she wanted to be an actress, Meeankshi settled down as a librarian in an art college. In order to get rid of her humdrum life she always flies into her own dreamland at anytime anywhere. Meenakshi’s family consists of a chain-smoking dad (Satish Alekar), an overzealous mom (Nirmiti Sawant), a dog-loving bro (Ameya Wagh) a wheelchair-bound grandma (Jyoti Subhash) with a set of golden teeth. This weird family and the members will remind you of the characters of ‘The Addams Family’. Adding to this, we can’t forget to mention about Meenaskshi’s co-worker Maina, a buck-tooth version of Lady Gaga.

Meenakshi is under constant pressure from her parents, particularly her mother, to find a suitable life partner. Eventually, she gets attracted to the smell that emanates from the Tamil-speaking art student Surya (Prithviraj) she encounters every day in the college library. Meenakshi follows her dream man Surya wherever he goes and learns to speak Tamil by reading Tamil Pulp Fiction and watching ‘Midnight Masala’ at night to please her tall, dark and handsome man. Meenakshi’s love is a one-way street because the tall, dark, handsome and aloof Surya is unaware of her feelings.

Thumbs up: Before Aiyyaa writer-director Sachin proved his mettle in a Marathi film called ‘Nirop’ but with this movie he proves that he can also make typical ‘masaledar’ entertaining movies. Sachin does a good job as Aiyyaa is his first Bollywood venture. Next time we expect a solid, slightly logical and shorter script to ensure a blockbuster masala movie from the director.

Rani as madcap Meenakshi is mind-blowing. It is true that Rani’s melodramatic ways make you laugh only for a while but you soon start getting tired of it. But Rani gets  thumbs up for her spectacular belly dance.

The song Dreamum wakeuppum is the only high point of the film. The rest of the songs are ordinary and easily forgettable for its music. Amit Trivedi’s background score and cheesy songs enhance the masaledar movie.

Prithviraj is as stone-like as the caves in Ajanta and hardly speaks in the film. Rani's friend Maina (played by Anita Date) a fantastic spoof on Lady Gaga will entertain the movie-goers for sure. Maina unabashedly imitates the pop diva and draws laughter whenever you see her on screen.

Thumbs down: Though the director tries to show the life of a ‘aam’ Indian girl and her middle class dreams, Meenakshi’s role is totally unidentifiable with a common Indian girl who is soul searching for her mate.

In Aiyyaa Prithviraj is used only an ornament as he has nothing to do in the film. It's only when the film nears the end that he gets to speak for just a couple of minutes. He’s mostly there to show-off his well-sculpted physique and lends oomph and sizzle to the wacky comedy. Though Rani has not left any stone unturned to evoke laughter, after a point she seems to be trying too hard to impress with her histrionics. The comedy in Aiyyaa becomes irritating as it is extremely loud and over the top.

You can go for Aiyyaa only for Rani Mukherji’s comedy and the spicy hodge-podge of Maharastrian and South Indian cultures but don’t expect much from this loud comedy. Without trying to find logic in Aiyyaa, just enjoy the ‘Wakda’ comedy.

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)

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