Mumbai:  Ajay Devgan sped up more than required, losing control of the watercraft, resulting in a crash and damaging it.

It can now be told. Though kept under wraps, Ajay Devgan had an accident while shooting for Ratan Jain's ‘Tezz’ in Birmingham, UK! The actor's Jet Ski smashed into one of the canal walls of the river Thames.

Says a unit source, "In the scene, Anil Kapoor plays a cop chasing Zayed Khan on the river. Ajay comes along on a Jet Ski and Zayed Khan jumps into Devgan’s Jet Ski and the two speed away. Ajay loves action, got caught up in the moment and sped too much. So when his watercraft took a sharp right turn, it smashed against the canal wall and both Zayed and Ajay crashed into the water. The two know to swim but the water was freezing cold. Producer Ratan Jain and director Priyadarshan were anxious that the two would catch a cold."

The actors ended up with a few scratches and bruises while an on-set doctor checked on them.

Says a source, “The boat was damaged. It was taped up so as to complete the shoot but the producer had to shell out hundreds of pounds to the Jet Ski owner, who leased it out."

Ratan Jain says, "Fortunately, no one got injured. We have a para-medical unit and ambulance available on the sets whenever we are shooting. The action sequence looks great!"