Mumbai: Even though their film has been released, Ajay Devgn is still taking a keen interest in his Singham co-star Kajal Aggarwal's whereabouts. The B-Town newcomer recently had to leave for Bangkok to shoot for a South flick.

At the last-minute, her assistant could not accompany her due to a personal emergency. This put the actress in a fix, and her trip in a quandary. That's when Ajay came to her rescue.

Kajal says, "I had to go to Bangkok to shoot for my South film when suddenly my assistant could not make it due to some urgent work. Once Ajay got to know of this, he very sweetly organised somebody else to travel with me."

As reported in 'Another Kajal in Ajay Devgn's life' (Hitlist, April 5), the actor has been taking special interest in his Singham heroine. Normally, AJ does not take the lead in promoting his heroines.

But with Kajal, who has worked in South films, there was a need to help launch her in Bollywood. Though Ajay has worked with newcomers before, he has not shown this much enthusiasm for another newbie!

No wonder Kajal is appreciative. She says, "He is a very helpful person, and I was very touched by his gesture."