Mumbai: Ajay Devgn is considered to be the biggest prankster in Bollywood. Every film set he is part of, there are stories galore of his antics. Whether it is his co-stars, unit hands or the director, no one is spared.

His Smart Alec operations are done so smoothly that no one can ever suspect that it is his handiwork! One such instance of him being at work is from his current project — Sajid Khan’s remake of a 1980s film.
The star played a prank on Sajid in the hotel where they were staying while shooting in Hyderabad.

Devgn managed to sneak into Sajid’s bathroom and leave bloodprints on the mirror and walls. And not for a moment did the director suspect that it was the actor’s handiwork.

Says a unit source, “Sajid was in the room watching a cricket match and had used the washroom. He then got busy with a phone call. When he entered the bathroom again, he was shocked to see the bloodstains. There was no way anyone could have entered it.”

Adds the source, “While he was watching the match, Ajay and Adhyayan Suman who is also part of the film had dropped in for a while. But he was sure that there was no way either of the two had been to his bathroom.”

The blood marks was the topic of discussion on the sets and even the hotel folk wondered who had done it. But it was only after a couple of hours that Ajay revealed that it was his doing. And Sajid kept wondering when he had entered his bath.

Says Adhyayan, “I had heard of Ajay Sir being a master prankster. This incident baffled everyone as no one had seen Ajay enter the room.”


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