Washington: Elite Navy SEALs, who killed Osama bin Laden at his Abbottabad hideout in Pakistan, found two guns, including an AK-47 assault rifle, in his room though the dreaded terrorist could not use the weapons before he was shot, according to US media.

"He (Osama) was not armed. The administration has confirmed that. But there were weapons in the room," Congressman Jim Langevin, who serves on the two House committees -- Armed Services and Intelligence -- was quoted as saying by National Journal.

"He did not have his hands on a weapon," Langevin added.

Earlier in the day, Vice Admiral William McRaven, commander of the elite Navy SEALs, which undertook the operation to kill bin Laden, met members of the Congress at a closed-door briefing, a daily reported.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman of the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, said weapons were near Laden, who died on an upper floor of the compound towards the end of the nearly 40-minute raid on Monday.
"He was right there and going to get those arms. You really can't take a chance," she said.

Feinstein has asked the administration to provide her committee any video recordings that it has.

When asked if Laden tried to grab a weapon or physically attack a commando, an official would only say, "He didn't hold up his hands and surrender," agency reported.

National Journal also quoted an unnamed official as saying that bin Laden was spotted coming out of the room, where the guns were located and then ran back into that room.

A 20-minute firefight occurred from the time that US special operations forces flew into the compound on helicopters to the time bin Laden was killed.

"The first objective at the compound involved hostile fire from one of the facilitators living there. So it immediately became a hostile environment," the official told National Journal.

"Then you also had threatening moves and actions inside the larger home to include action on all three floors," he said.

"You had people lunging toward the (military team)," the official said. "You had guns present in the house. Given al-Qaeda's history, you're concerned about suicide vests (and) bombs. The compound itself could have been rigged to explode.”

Another 20 minutes was spent collecting materials at the site, including "documents, storage devices, audio visual equipment, guns (and) computers" as well as getting those living at the compound, who were still alive, to safety, the official said.

Quoting unnamed administration officials, the daily said that the only shots fired by those in the compound came at the beginning of the operation, when bin Laden's trusted courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, opened fire from behind the door of the guesthouse adjacent to the house where the al-Qaeda chief was hiding.

After the SEAL members shot and killed Kuwaiti and a woman in the guesthouse, the Americans were never fired upon again, the daily said.

"When the commandos moved into the main house, they saw the courier's brother, who they believed was preparing to fire a weapon. They shot and killed him. Then, as they made their way up the stairs of the house, officials said they killed bin Laden's son Khalid as he lunged toward the SEAL team," it said.

When the commandos reached the top floor, they entered a room and saw Laden with an AK-47 and a Makarov pistol in arm's reach.

They shot and killed him, as well as wounded a woman with him, the daily reported.

"The firefight (was) over and bin Laden dead, the team found a trove of information and had the time to remove much of it: about 100 thumb drives, DVDs and computer disks, along with 10 computer hard drives and 5 computers. There were also piles of paper documents in the house," it said.