The police personnel, who are posted away from their home districts, have now themselves turned out to be the biggest challenge for maintaining law and order in the state.

Instead of giving enough time on duty, these policemen keep on visiting their homes in their villages. Akhilesh Yadav-led government is aware of this anomaly and now an appropriate atmosphere aimed at bringing positive change in this flawed system is expected to be created soon.

To transform this faulty system, a proposal in this regard can be forwarded to the state Cabinet soon.

The government this time around may order that all those policemen, who are posted outside the range and are deployed in areas close to their home districts, would not be transferred.

The involvement of two policemen in the brutal rape and murder case of two Dalit teenage girls in Badaun has brought the entire police force in the state under the scanner.

Top officials in the UP government are now scratching their heads over formulating new laws or amending the existing ones to uphold discipline and decorum in the police force.

Actually, after getting an absolute majority in the assembly elections in UP in 2012, the first decision Akhilesh government took was to post police personnel in areas adjoining their home districts.

On 16th March, 2012, this decision was formally implemented across the state.

Akhilesh government was under the impression that by passing such an order, it would benefit them in maintaining law and order in the state.

However, this move has boomeranged in the state as the policemen have started abusing it.

From being involved in criminal activities to showing lack of interest in their assigned duties, several cases of policemen in Uttar Pradesh being implicated in wrongdoings have surfaced.

In one such case at Chief Minister’s village Safai, the government came to know that a policeman during his official duty time was resting in his home district.

A notification revealed that most of the policemen in the state are not fulfilling their duties properly and it is deeply paralyzing the system.
In Uttar Pradesh, around seven thousand policemen are deployed in close proximity to their home districts.

Chief Minister was apprised of this situation and how it was badly affecting the law and order situation in the state.


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