Lucknow:Working upon its manifesto, the newly elected government In Uttar Pradesh is mulling to offer pension to farmers.  Importantly it will adopt the same criteria mandated for retired MPs and MLAs.

As per the estimates, approximately 7 00, 000 farmers who are above 65 years of age will come under the government scheme.

A sum of Rs two billion, 52 crore has been earmarked in the Budget under the plan.

Remarkably the S P government in its manifesto had said that farmers of the state who are more than 65 years of age will avail pension on the lines of retired government officials.

But the government was faced with the herculean task in fixing criteria for farmers having small landed property.

Earlier the standard which was set by Social Welfare Department was considered as the basis for this scheme.

The government had put the limitation of landed property at 3.25 acres in rural areas for availing old age pension while 60 years was fixed as the age for availing the facility in its earlier order given on October 16 ,2003.

According to 2001 census , the number of farmers in the state stands at 166.59 lakh out of which 6 -7 lakh who are above the age of 65 will be considered as the beneficiary of the government scheme.