"Our stand has been that development of Uttar Pradesh has to be in partnership with the Centre. I said we want to continue with it," Yadav told reporters after the meeting.

Asked whether the issue of funds for the state and Ganga cleaning came up for discussion with the PM, Yadav said it was a ‘courtesy call’.

"I came to congratulate him," Yadav added.

Before meeting the Prime Minister, Yadav said that in a federal structure, the Centre and the state government should work together.

"I read the newspapers and saw on television too. I could not hear the entire speech but the new Prime Minister has said (in his speech in Parliament) that the country will get prosperity only when state governments and Central government work together," he said.

Referring to Modi's call for skill development, Yadav said Uttar Pradesh government has already taken steps in this regard.

"Our Samajwadi Party government has always worked with the Central government. When the Central government wanted to establish AIIMS in Rae Bareli, the previous BSP government did not provide land for five years,” Yadav said.

"Samajwadi Party government came and provided the land immediately and the work has begun. For Institute of Hotel Management in Sultanpur, we gave land free of cost. For food processing unit in Sultanpur, SP government gave land...We have never hesitated in extending support for development," he added.


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