“Azam was served notice by EC....He has replied to it. The EC, however, did not go through his reply and had taken action against him", Yadav said while addressing an election rally here in support of his cousin brother Dharmendra Yadav.

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s remarks came a day after Khan accused the Election Commission of working at the behest of the Centre.

The Election Commission had on April 11 banned Khan from campaigning in Uttar Pradesh. The poll body had asked the authorities to initiate criminal proceedings against him for his alleged hate speeches.

"Whenever, atrocity is committed on SP men, the people give reply by voting in maximum numbers in favour of our party,” Yadav said.

Alleging that the BJP was spending huge amount of money on its election campaigns, Yadav said that he had been telling about this to the people and now newspapers are also reporting it.

"I have been saying that the BJP was spending over Rs 1000 crores on its election campaign. Now, the media is saying that Rs 10,000 crore is being spent on their election campaigns. However, if it is probed, the figure might be more than this," Yadav said.

Charging the opposition with playing politics in the name of religion, Yadav said the Samajwadi Party was the only secular party, which can stop communal forces from spreading its wings.

"BJP is the most cunning party...No other party can match it in this regard....They can get stones drink milk...You all should remain alert from such forces,” he said

Holding that the Lok Sabha results of Uttar Pradesh would decide fate of future government in the country, Yadav said the Samajwadi Party was going to play a crucial role in the days to come.

"Mulayam Singh Yadav is the only leader, who remains on the ground and is associated with concerns of farmers and poor...All the parties have released their manifesto but none of them have talked about farmers and poor. Their manifesto is for promoting industrialists and not for development of poor,” he said.

Commenting on opposition charge that laptops distributed by the state government were being used for watching movies, Yadav said, "They allege that students are using laptops distributed by us for watching movies...So what, if they are doing so...What is the harm in it.”


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