Mumbai: The new season of Koffee with Karan captivated its viewers by having the Akhtar siblings, Farhan and Zoya, opening up their life’s secrets.

The talented siblings talked about growing up with father Javed Akhtar and their experiences with stepmom Shabana Azmi.

A source said, "This is the first time that the two have revealed their family secrets. Karan Johar has sensitively brought out intimate details they would never have revealed with anyone else.”
When asked who was responsible for the great equation they share with Shabana today, both admitted, “Their mom Honey Irani and Azmi together contributed to that."

Zoya told Karan that Shabana always gave them space and time to build rapport with her.
Farhan added that their mother (Honey Irani) never let her emotional baggage cloud their young minds. He revealed that he was closer to his mother during his young days, at the time his father left his mother for the actress and rebelled against him. Today, they're the closest they've ever been. He said he found his father the wittiest man in the world.

Zoya spilled the beans on her bro, ratting him out of how he used to fail in school and it was discovered that he would spend his time playing rummy with the girls.

She added that she was always a wild child and that it was always Farhan who would sort out problems with her dad.