Mumbai: Akshay Kumar handed out Rs 5 lakh to the finalists on a reality show after learning about their personal tales of struggle. Akki is a man of whim. He does what he believes in, even if it’s without much planning. That could be something like clearing cigarette butts from the road while driving in the city or writing out cheques of Rs 1 lakh each to five finalists at a reality show.

The authorities of the popular dance show were baffled to hear that the Khiladi had donated Rs 5 lakh to the participants on the show after listening to their personal stories of struggle and getting to know more about their dreams.

Says a source, “Akshay was on the show to promote his latest film with Sonakshi Sinha and he just got chatting with the finalists. They are all very young — between the ages of 22 and 25 years. And though not all come from economically poor backgrounds, Akshay thought he needed to step up and do something for them.”

The actor, who has always endorsed different kinds of sports, is apparently keen on promoting dance forms as well. Says a source, “When he saw the participants, he thought that their talent shouldn’t go waste.

Some of them were obviously having trouble funding their passion and so he thought he would help them in whatever way he can.”

Strangely, the organisers of the show were unaware of this development as Akshay clearly told the participants that it was a personal contribution from his end and the show had nothing to do with it.

Akshay’s acts of kindness

Last year, he donated Rs 2 crore to the Ice Hockey Association of India. He also recently contributed Rs 10 lakh for an educational initiative called Support my School. Two years ago, he also loosened his purse strings and provided Salman’s Being Human Foundation with R 50 lakh.