Mumbai:  We all know that action star Akshay Kumar wouldn't think twice before jumping off a cliff when it comes to shooting a stunt sequence.

But for his film Desi Boyz, he seems to have inspired co-star John Abraham (who seems to be trying hard to win the action hero crown) to do what at least looks like a life-threatening stunt.

The actors, who were shooting for the title track of their film in London, were apparently expected to step out of the chopper that was at a height of a 30-storey building.

"The shot was supposed to be taken without a harness because there were enough close-ups, and director Rohit Dhawan did not want to mess with the shot. So he asked John and Akshay if they would be up to doing it without strapping themselves onto a harness."

Not surprisingly, the actors were more than convinced about the shot and quickly stepped into the helicopter.
Adds the director, "I was very skeptical and nervous about the shot because we certainly couldn't have retakes.We had to do it all in one go. But both Akshay and John managed to gather all the gusto and shot the scene in one go."

Considering this wasn't even an action sequence but just a song, we wonder what stopped the director from shooting this in a studio rather than risking the lives of his desi boyz!