Mumbai: Close buddies and business partners Akshay Kumar and Vipul Shah, are currently at odds over two of their movie sequels. While the actor wants the sequel of ‘Singh is Kinng 2’ to be released first, the filmmaker is keen ‘Namastey London’ 2 hits the screens before that.

Confirms a source, "While Vipul is working full-throttle on Namastey London 2, Akshay is eager on doing the Singh Is Kinng sequel first. He feels it has a more global appeal."

Apparently, Vipul is more kicked about the Namastey London franchise as he had directed the original, whereas Anees Bazmi had directed Singh Is Kinng for his banner.
Vipul and Bazmi are no longer on good terms, reason being the latter's claim that the film was entirely his brainchild.

When we quizzed Vipul over his supposed dispute with Akshay over the sequels, he admitted Akshay was keener on Singh Is Kinng.
"Akshay had made a promise to do a Singh Is Kinng sequel in front of the Indian Prime Minister

Shri Manmohan Singh in Toronto, so he is keen we carry forward the story.

I don't mind doing either one first. But yes, I've made more progress with the script of Namastey London 2," he says, adding, "In any case, Akshay needs to grow a proper Sardarji's beard to play Happy Singh again. For that, he'd first need to finish all his current assignments."

Katrina Kaif, who was the lead actress in both films, says she wouldn't mind doing either sequel first. "I was the 'hero' of Namastey London.That's what we all joked about since the story revolved around me. But, I had great fun doing Singh Is Kinng too. It's their call," she says.
Now if only the pals would stop arguing over which comes first!