London: Oscar winning actor Al Pacino is all set to portray himself as a stand-up comedian in a comedy flick.

The 'Scarface' legend, who will shock fans of his dramatic work with a cameo in filmmaker Adam Sandler's upcoming comedy 'Jack and Jill', insists it's perfect casting because Pacino's roots are steeped in comedy, a news report stated.

"He really is one of the funniest guys. And I bet you didn't know this, and I didn't know it either, but he was a stand-up. That's how he started.

"Pacino was in a comedy team, in the beginning. He and another guy, I forgot what the man's name was, but he, like, used to do the improve in New York. I swear to god... For a while (too). It wasn't just like a brief thing. He did it for like a couple years, I think. He told me some of his routines and they were great! (sic)," said Sandler.