The 15-page document "Terror Franchise: THE UNSTOPPABLE ASSASSIN: TECHS Vital role for its success", originally in English, lists the Mumbai terror attack as one of the "blessed" operations.
The document directs al-Qaeda and its affiliates to kill and target Americans and its allies, including those in Britain, Germany and India with their terror attacks."The mission of the Global Mujahideen is to destroy the American economy by targeting American economic targets globally," it said.

"Following the London bombing and before it, there were several blessed operation against American and European targets in Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, India and elsewhere" the document reads.
"Following that, was the beautiful huge bombing - also in India - of the western German bakery mainly visited by Jews and western nationals in general," it said about the 2010 blast that was carried out two years after the Mumbai attack.
This is among the large tranche of documents recovered by the US from the compound of the house where Laden was hiding when the US secret forces killed the al-Qaeda leader. US intelligence officials have described these documents as a treasure trove of information.

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