Los Angeles: ‘Hangover3’, the third and last part of the laughter saga of ‘Hangover’ will be set in a mental home. Hollywood funnyman Zach Galifianakis, who played Alan Garner in the first two instalments, confirmed the fact.
"They want to do a 'Hangover 3'. I'm getting phone calls already,” he said.

The 41-year-old said that the upcoming project will be about his escape from a mental home with the help of Phil and Stu, his onscreen friends.
The 'Due Date' star, echoing the words of filmmaker Tod Philippes, said that the third is likely to be the last and will be on a different "template".

"If we were to do a third one, I think we have a clear idea where that would head and it's certainly not in the same template you've seen these movies and obviously we always envisioned it as a trilogy as you can imagine, the third would very much a finale and an ending.
"The most I could say about it and I haven't discussed it with these actors is that it is not following that template but very much a new idea.

As far as where it takes place. I'm very open like the Olympic committee to being pitched and presented cities. Flown around with wine and women and bribed and then I will make my decision," added Galifianakis.