Varanasi: Owing to the heavy downpour in the western part of Uttar Pradesh, there has been a significant increase in the water level of river Ganga at Varanasi. Since Wednesday, the river water level has shot up by seven feet and each hour it is going up by two centimeter.

On Thursday, Muktakashiya Manch of Rajendra Prasad Ghat was submerged and the Ganga water touched historical Sheetla Mandir's threshold.

It has inundated places which are meant for burning pyres.So, people are finding immense trouble in cremating dead bodies. As for Harishchandra Ghat, people are left with no choice other than to burn dead bodies in lanes where cremations are being performed on raised platforms far away from main cremation site at Manikarnika Ghat.

Except it,  Meer Ghat has also been submerged under river water. Daily affairs,like Ganga Aarti has been interrupted and presently it is being performed near Jal Police Station.

According to sources of Central Water Commission (CWC), the reason behind this rise is good rainfall in the upper region of Ganga which has also increased water level rise in rivers such as Yamuna, Chambal, Ken and Betwa.

Environment Scientist of Banaras Hindu University, Professor BD Tripathi stated that due to the good rainfall in western UP, the increased water of tributaries has entered river Ganga. With large scale deposit of silt and sand in Ganga, he did not rule out the possibilities of river water surging high and flowing towards the residential areas.

With places like Saraimohana and Dab surrounded by river water, the local residents have been cut off from the rest part of the city.