New Delhi: It seems as if Delhities have changed their taste when it comes to quench their thirst for alcohol. With Indian-made foreign liquor becoming most sought-after among alcohol lovers, the demand for beer or lager has drastically decreased in the national capital. 

During the last two years, the city has seen a shift in the consumption of alcohol. In terms of sales, foreign liquor is most preferred followed by country made liquor and beer.

If the officials of Excise department are to be believed, youths have overcome their love for beer. According to the figures provided by the department, there has been tremendous increase in the demand for foreign made liquor in the country. It has become the first choice of liquor lovers.

In 2010-11, 7.44 crore bottles of foreign liquor and 6.11 crore bottles of country made liquor was sold. However, only 5.95 crore beer bottles were sold last year much less than the 2009 sales which reached 11.78 crore.

Evidently, with an increase in alcohol sale, Delhi government has generated exorbitant amount of revenue. In 2010-11 it earned Rs 2,027 crore which was much more than last year’s earning. In 2009 government earned Rs 1644 crore from liquor sale.