London: In order to empathise with his pregnant fiancee Chantelle Houghton, cagefighter Alex Reid became a 'pregnant man' for the day in a new magazine photoshoot.

In a sequence of quirky photos, the 36-year-old is seen sporting a fake baby bump as he does the washing-up, mopping the floor and carrying the groceries - echoing images of the glamour model doing the latter a few weeks ago.

Reid admitted he is baffled by the problems they have been having, but admit his bride-to-be's pregnancy hormones may be a factor, reported a daily.

Two weeks ago, Houghton briefly left their house after an argument, but returned a few days later.Explaining the argument, Reid said, "We have fights. Who doesn't? But all her stuff is still at my place, er, I mean our place. I still love her and can't wait to marry her and bring up our family together."

When asked what triggered the row, he replied, "I wish I knew. There are only two things I do wrong at the moment: everything I say and everything I do... I breathe wrongly and I get my throat jumped down."


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