What perplexed him the most was that the profile had true details of his personal life, suggest sources.

A source says, "He was shocked to see his profile as he has not registered himself on that site. Apart from his pictures, exact details of his education career, residential address, etc. have also been listed on it. He is now trying to figure out who might have created the profile."

The actor says before taking any legal action, he wishes to confirm if it was a friend pulling a prank on him or some fraudster trying to mislead people.

"Initially, I found it funny but later realized it could have serious repercussions. I assumed that my friends must have done it because they were the first to inform me about the profile. However, I am now sure they have not done it because I have received a few queries (from prospective brides’ families)," adds Ali.

The actor is now trying to get in touch with the matrimonial site authorities.

"I have been busy for film shoots and a play, but would like to find out what is their process of verification for creation of a profile. Only then will I decide my next step," he says.

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