London: Shock rocker Alice Cooper is planning to get pop sensation Lady Gaga a bible and a cookbook for Christmas.
The 'Poison' hitmaker is good friends with Gaga and looking to get her some useful everyday objects, which he thinks may help her if she wants to tone down her outrageous behaviour.
"I know Lady Gaga really well. And for Christmas I'd get her a Betty Crocker cookbook. That and a subscription to Good Housekeeping, because those are the two things I know she doesn't have. Maybe I'd also get her a bible, actually," Cooper said.
The rocker, whose real is name Vincent Furnier also said that he relates to the 'Bad Romance' singer because their on stage alter-egos are very different to who they are in real life.
"She created a character named Gaga. I created a character called Alice Cooper that I play. I'm not Alice now, I'll be Alice tonight. She writes songs for her, I write songs for Alice. I think she's great," he added.