London: Air traffic controllers in Siberia claim they heard a high-speed UFO with a female sounding alien who spoke in a cat-like language.

The mystery object suddenly burst onto flight monitors over the remote Russian diamond capital of Yakutsk.

According to air traffic controller, UFO was seen flying at a speed of slightly over 6000 mph, and rapidly changing direction in the early morning sky.

It was logged at a height of 64, 895 feet above sea level and appeared to interfere with aviation frequencies.

'I kept hearing some female voice, as if a woman was saying mioaw-mioaw all the time,' he told the pilot of a passing Aeroflot flight. His communication to the Russian plane were disrupted by interference from the UFO, it was claimed.

At one point the UFO is showing moving away from Yakutsk at great speed before turning and heading back towards the city.

Some experts claim that it is widely known that UFOs have made contact and landed on earth but details have never been made public.