The new set of diktats was directed specifically at undergraduate students of the Women's College living at the Abdullah Hall of the university.

The women had also been told that they cannot visit cinemas, restaurants and hotels and were prohibited from using internet in their hostel rooms. They were also asked to keep only one mobile phone and its number has to be known to their parents.

The administration had earlier this week posted notices at its girls’ hostel ordering them to wear only salwaar and kameez, which is "proper, decent-looking and appropriate dress". The order, signed by the provost of Abdullah Hall for Girls, had also come with a warning that if the hostel inmates were found breaching the rule, they would have to cough up a fine of Rs 500.

The girls, unlike boys, are not entitled to Sunday excursions out of the campus, as it is felt it could "vitiate the moral standards and norms of a decent society", a professor said.

Earlier, AMU Vice Chancellor Zameer Uddin Shah had said in an open letter that female students would have to wear decent dress (salwar kameez with dupatta) if they wanted to meet him on Fridays or during university functions.

AMU is a public university, funded by the central government and a seat of quality education for millions ever since educationist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded it in 1875.


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