Dehradun: Galloping on to start his second innings as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Major General (Retd) Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri has donned quiet a vigilant approach this time, which was clearly visible in his conduct, behaviour and response. 

Khanduri, laced with the same aggression in his personality, spoke about many of his plans with Vikas Dhulia of Dainik Jagran on Friday after his swearing-in ceremony.

What are your future plans after taking charge as the Chief Minister of the state for the second time?

With the upcoming elections, our first job would be to instill confidence of the people in the state government which is still striving to curb corruption and is possibly trying everything.

The 2007 Assembly election was fought under your leadership. Has there been complete implementation of the aims laid out in the manifesto at that time?

I do not have details of the list of past two years. I will start tracking all of it now.

Although your fight against corruption has started, no action has been taken against the scams of the previous government?

The government has received a few reports of the 56 scams by the Congress government and soon actions would be taken against these. And the accused, if found guilty, would be severely punished.

The honest and hardworking officers have been sidelined and the corrupt handling the affairs. What you have to say about this?

Everything will slowly fall in line as I have always encouraged those who have sincerely worked and are honest.

Have you banned any of the decisions of the previous government?

No, we are not reviewing anything, just trying to study the decisions to chalk out a better way to improve the government and the state.

Is the government going to take any step in the direction of regularization of land which comes under Class III, IV and IX as well as in the matter of original residence certificate?

Yes,it is true that this kind of land regularization process has been in place now for quite a long time, we will resolve it soon. And in the case of original residence certificate I am gathering the details from officials.

What is the strategy to put an end to political corruption?

Corruption is corruption, irrespective of its form. We have already adopted four important decisions on the very first day of the office to effectively control it following which work has also begun on the same. And if some new methods are suggested, we will pay attention to those as well.

What has been the main aim behind establishing two new departments – Corruption Eradication and Public Service Department?

Good governance and a centralised department for the convenience of the public. This has been done to ensure that a common man does not have to run from pillar to post for every silly thing. All the provisions would be legalised under this.