In an apparent ramification of the PAC-JPC turf war, the Congress-led ruling party is making all-out effort to disrupt the proceedings of Public Accounts Committee. On one hand, they raise concern over surging corruption and advocate their zero tolerance for graft and sleaze, which is spiralling out of control, while on the other the party is adamant to put spanner to the functioning of the PAC which is probing 2G spectrum scam. It is outrageous that the Congress members not only wish to derail the PAC but also want to create such an ambience wherein the committee would not require making of any report. This logic finds no ground that when Joint Parliamentary Committee is already investigating the 2G scam, PAC is redundant. Notably, before JPC was constituted, the ruling party stated PAC is also a sort of Joint Parliamentary Committee and the Congress members not only prolonged the formation of JPC rather they, for that matter, washed out winter session of the Parliament as well. When the Central government had inkling that the Budget session might also be stalled, it gave its nod for the constitution of the JPC. If the ruling dispensation is indeed tough and relentless against corruption, why are then their members of PAC creating fuss and waging a turf-war? Such attitude of the Congress men manifests posture of party’s JPC members.     

The ruling party is of the opinion that the PAC should stop its functioning because the 2G spectrum issue is subjudice and JPC will also probe the scam. Going by this logic, the JPC will further its investigation after the court stops taking the matter into its cognizance. The Congress must learn that no one raised the issue of stopping the functioning of the PAC during the formation of the JPC. The MPs of ruling party are objecting to summoning of top brass officials and stalling the proceedings of the PAC. In the previous meeting of the PAC, they disrupted the proceedings citing reason of not going through the concerned documents. It is crystal clear that their intention is suspicious so it is necessary that PAC must summit its report.