New Delhi: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) pulled up the Defence Ministry for its land mismanagement in the Army golf courses in the capital. The Ministry which is still struggling to come out of the stains of Aadarsh Society and Sukhna scam was questioned about the military land which is being wrongly used for golf courses and commercial activities.

The CAG has also found many loopholes in the Army Golf Courses and pointed out that all the 97 of them are unauthorised. It also questioned the Ministry as to why no rules were framed in this regard.

CAG in its latest report has mentioned that the Defence Ministry which is known as the largest land-grabber doesn’t hold a clear record and classification system. It has also expressed its surprise at the audit assessment of military lands.

The report has highlighted the fact that despite being questioned in the past several audit assessments, building of shopping complexes has been passed and the revenue earned has been put to Regiment fund.

In its report, the CAG has also questioned about the golf courses in Delhi built on Defence Ministry’s land covering an area of over 8,000 acres and earning revenues without paying any lease rent to the Government for using its asset.

The report clarified that defence land can be used for accommodation purposes but cannot be used to build a golf course. Dues of Lucknow MB club have also been questioned in the report.

CAG even slammed the government for not taking any decision on the surplus land used by the Ministry of Defence.

However, after scandals in Aadarsh society and Kandivli in Mumbai the Defence Ministry has tightened their exercise of land management rules.